What can we offer you?

A FREE introductory assessment / home visit for every dog signed up to classes.

Mixed ability dog training classes:

Classes are small, and designed to be fun and stimulating for both you and your dog. Classes are held both indoors and outside on the sports field. We aim to give your dog confidence in you and to build a trusting relationship between you both. To this end we have fun agility at each session as well as games and activities.

There are lots of opportunities to discuss any problems and for you and your dog to socialise with other members of the group.

At the end of each session you will receive a printed sheet of help and advice related to the developmental stage of your dog and to the levels of training achieved.

The training methods used are kind and the most up to date. Carol is keen to engage with the latest research into dog behaviour and in particular into the way that dogs learn. New research is coming out all the time, and science is revealing just how intelligent “man’s best friend” can be, unravelling the mysteries of the canine brain and helping us to understand how our dogs think and communicate with us.


One to one / home visits:

These are really useful for the dog and owner who finds the class environment too stressful, and because the days and times can be tailored to suit you, it is ideal for those of you who work long or unconventional hours. These sessions can be based in your own home.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that arrangements for one to one sessions are convenient to both parties, there will be  a late cancellation fee (within 24 hours) of £10 to compensate for time and travel.


Behaviour consultations:

Some dogs exhibit early warning signs of potential problems which I can help you with. Examples of such challenges might be:


Excessive guarding behaviour

Attention seeking

Separation anxiety

Toilet training

Fears and phobias



This will involve a 1 hour consultancy period and full written analysis and assessment report of the relationship between the dog and the handler, provision of a remedial programme and on-going support via telephone and e-mail. Consultations will take place in the dog’s home environment initially and fees will be quoted depending upon location, travel time and support required.


Help to choose the right puppy/breed for you:

Finding a new puppy or dog is always an exciting time, but can also be confusing and bewildering. We can provide you with advice to choose the right breed for you, and with the initial days with your new dog.


Responsible Dog Ownership Scheme:

All dogs who attend classes will receive an attendance certificate, rosette and goody bag following their first 6 weeks. There are then opportunities to engage in more advanced training with rosettes and awards for achieving differing  levels of achievement:




and Platinum

Training walks:

Throughout the year training walks are organised with the trainer enabling  training to take place in the ‘real world’ but also a chance to chat and enjoy a social walk with other dogs and in new areas.



A good speaker can inspire an audience and can contribute to your own fundraising efforts, if you need a speaker for your group, club or society book Carol. She is an experienced teacher and speaker and is willing to do talks for your organisation on dog behaviour, living with a ‘wolf in your home’ and of the genius of dogs. The interactive talks will relate to the scientific literature on canine psychology and how our knowledge of how dogs learn can also broaden how we think about human intelligence.

Combined with your own observations of dogs of all breeds, the talks will stimulate interesting discussions and debate with your fellow dog lovers, but will interest even those who currently have no interest in dogs and their lives. Each talk can be tailor made to the needs of your organisation and the potential audience. Talks last for up to one hour with the opportunity to ask questions at the end, all you need is a venue and a screen or light coloured wall to project on to.

With all her years of experience in schools and education Carol is ideal for talks to school children and if we are to inform the next generation  of their obligation to their pets we need to be encouraging the youngest children to understand how dogs can be a positive part of their lives.

If you are interested in having an entertaining and enthusiastic speaker for your event, please do get in touch.


Social activities:

Mutts2Marvels is more than a training school but is also a club and members will have the opportunity to join in social activities such as quizzes and competitions. The annual “doggie” party is the highlight of the year with dogs and handlers enjoying a fun filled evening of activities and merrymaking!

Handlers also have the opportunity to take part in displays at local fetes and shows.


Terms and conditions:

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