About the training

  1. The dog snuggled up to you right now, (often called “Man’s Best Friend”), can often be demanding and difficult to live with. Sharing your house with another species is never easy. Remember that this is a wolf masquerading as a Chihuahua, a Labrador, a terrier or a poodle. We have disguised the real wolf over the years through selective breeding and we often forget this until the dog begins to behave in a way that we find unacceptable and does not fit into our modern lives. This self-deception is the basis of many of the problems that we encounter with our dogs. We take for granted their loyalty, obedience and friendliness, but for some, owning a dog is not what we expect. If this is you perhaps you could address the issues with the help from a suitable trainer, and you can turn your “Mutt” into a “Marvel” a delightful and loving companion with an opportunity to explore a whole new world of friendship and fun, discoverImage of two wolves how to enjoy your dog again. Remember that owning a dog should be fun and when it ceases to be so this is when you need the help and support of a knowledgeable trainer and of other like-minded people who understand what you are experiencing.


    Training your dog is a serious business but should also be pleasurable and an opportunity to establish an effective relationship with your dog.

    One to one classes are really useful for the dog and owner who finds the class environment too stressful, and because the days and times can be tailored to suit you, it is ideal for those of you who work long or unconventional hours.

    Some dogs exhibit early warning signs of potential problems, such as aggression to people or to other dogs, separation anxiety, guarding food, toys or other items, or destructive behaviour….for those a one to one session may help, with a 2 hour consultancy period and written assessment report of the relationship between the dog and the handler, provision of a remedial programme and on-going support via telephone and e-mail. Consultations will take place in the dog’s home environment initially and fees will be quoted depending upon location, travel time and support required.


    The methods used are kind and the most up to date. I am keen to engage with the latest research into dog behaviour and in particular into the way that dogs learn. New research is coming out all the time and science is revealing just how intelligent “man’s best friend” can be, unravelling the mysteries of the canine brain and helping us to understand how our dogs think and communicate with us.